People always come first

Working from a community-driven model, while being resourceful and compassionate, HOPE International Development Agency focuses on clean water, food security and livelihoods that unlock opportunities. Responsive, sustainable and self-reliant. These are the principles we live by.

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Clean Water & Health
When partners help communities develop clean water resources, possibilities are within reach. Locally implemented health, sanitation and disease prevention education programs, along with maintenance and water management training, ensure that benefits of clean water are available to everyone on an equitable and sustainable basis.

Food Security & Nutrition
Community partners equip families to improve their food security and nutrition through crops, vegetables and breeds of animals that are locally sourced and yield high levels of nutrition. Training and resources diversify and improve food access and support efforts to restore, maintain and protect the environment upon which they depend for their food, well-being and in many cases, income.
Livelihood & Learning
Community partners facilitate access for women to the skills training and knowledge needed to generate reliable incomes that support all of their needs, including educating their children. Families are able to move out of household poverty within 18 - 24 months.